You or a loved one is scheduled to have surgery.

During the procedure things go terribly wrong.

You later learn that you suffered a heart attack during the procedure and that the heart attack occurred early in the surgery.

After time it is discovered that your blood pressure began to fall during the procedure and no one took note of this.

You now have a lot of questions.

For example, were your vitals being properly monitored during the procedure?

A possible area of investigation in cases like this is the actions or inactions of the anesthesiologist.

One very important role of the anesthesiologist is to monitor the patient during surgery.

There are two critical stages during a surgical procedure as far as the anesthesiologist is concerned.

First, is when the patient is induced under anesthesia and the second is as the patient is waking up.

The patient needs to be closely monitored until the patient is able to breathe on his or her own.

If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack, or other serious injury during surgery and are now wondering was it due to the anesthesiologist, or other doctor, this is what we advise you to do if your matter happened in Maryland.

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