The defendant doctor in your medical malpractice case has decided to dig in and not settle.

You talk things over with your attorney and then decide that a jury trial is going to be the best way for you to go in this case.

Your lawyer talks with you about everything that you will need to do to make the case in front of the jury, including the pros and the cons.

The time has now come for trial and you are now wondering, well how many people are needed to hear the facts and decide the case?

You know from TV that in criminal jury trials there are usually 12 people who sit to hear the case, but will it be the same in your Maryland civil trial?

The short answer is no.

In a Maryland civil trial there are 6 people who sit on the jury and decide the facts of the case.

Remember that the jury is there to decide issues of fact and that the judge is present to decide the issues of law.

This can be a big misconception when it comes to jury trials.

Some people tend to think that the jury also decides issues of law and this is simply not the case.

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