The defense has wheeled out their expert in your civil trial.

You think that this particular expert is not qualified to testify in the case.

Is there anything that can be done to stop this unqualified expert from flapping their gums in front of the jury?

The short answer is yes there is something that you can do.

You can inform the court of your position and try and persuade the court from preventing the expert from testifying.

One must understand that one of the main roles of any expert is to assist the trier of fact in a given case.

The expert can do this either through opinion testimony or otherwise.

It is up to the court to make sure that before an expert testifies, he or she is qualified.

The court will look at things such as experience, training, skills, education, etc…

In addition, the court will also determine whether the testimony of the witness is appropriate for the trial and whether there is a factual basis for the expert’s testimony.

If these things are missing than you need to alert the court of your position and attempt to keep the expert from testifying.

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