You are at the end of your Maryland medical malpractice jury trial and the jury has informed the court that they have reached a verdict.

As you listen to the reading of the verdict you see that the verdict has been broken down into sections.

The jury returns a verdict which shows how much they have determined that the defendant owes you for medical bills, future and past, lost wages, etc…

The verdict sheet also reflects how much the jury has determined the defendant is responsible for your pain and suffering.

If you are wondering is there a difference, you are not alone.

In the above break down, the verdict for the medical bills and lost wages would be considered economic damages.

The breakdown of the jury verdict which deals with pain and suffering is the exact opposite.

This breakdown would be considered non-economic damages.
Under Maryland law, there is a cap on the amount of money which can be given in non-economic damages.

As a result, if the jury’s non-economic damages finding is more than the cap, the jury award will be reduced to the cap.

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