You go in to have your gallbladder removed and afterwards you have serious abdominal pain.

The doctors and nurses tell you that your pain is normal and that in a few days everything will be better.

Before you leave the hospital you are given orders to return in about 2 weeks for a checkup.

The thing is, the abdominal pain does not subside, if anything it gets worse, to the point that you have to be readmitted to the emergency room.

Once in the ER, CT scans, MRI’s and other examinations are performed to figure out the cause of your pain and sickness.

Once the test results are in you are informed that your common bile duct was injured during the original gallbladder surgery and this is what is causing your pain.

One of the critical issues presented in a case like this is the actions of the doctor performing the surgery.

A medical malpractice attorney will be looking to determine whether the doctor noticed the injury to the bile duct and what, if any, measures were done to fix the injury.

For example, did the doctor notice the injury and try to immediately repair the damage done or did the doctor just close the patient up without doing the repair?

If the doctor did do the repair, is leakage come from the repair itself?

These are but some of the issues that a Maryland medical malpractice lawyer is analyzing in these types of cases.

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