When a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, in many instances parents have many questions.

“How could this have happened?”

“Is there something as a mother I could have done to prevent this?”

“Where do we go from here?”

These are all questions that many parents have had in these types of situations.

As for the issue of whether it is Maryland medical malpractice if a child is diagnosed with CP shortly after birth, there are a lot of factors and issue that come into play.

One of the main issues presented is what did the fetal heart monitor display?

The fetal heart monitor is important because it can tell doctors how well your baby is tolerating a vaginal delivery.

If the monitor is revealing that the child is in distress, doctors need to perform a C-section right away.

This is the case because if there is a delay, the child can suffer oxygen loss to the brain.

When doctors fail to notice that the child is in distress, a family may want to have a Maryland medical malpractice attorney to review the case.

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