News reports are reporting that an investigation is underway in Joan Rivers’ death.

It was reported days ago that Ms. Rivers had passed away following a surgical procedure.

With that said, an investigation into her death is now making some members of the public wonder is there a way that they too can get an investigation or an autopsy done when their loved one passes away, especially if they are thinking of bringing a possible wrongful death claim.

In Maryland, one can have an autopsy performed in their loved one’s death.

As a matter of fact, if you suspect that your loved one may have died due to possible medical malpractice it is a good idea to request an autopsy.

If the hospital or medical examiner’s office will not perform the autopsy, the family can always pay to have a private autopsy performed.

An autopsy can be helpful in wrongful death claims, especially when medical negligence is suspected.

The reason this is the case is because an autopsy can help you understand the cause of death.

An autopsy may be able to tie together issues that may be hard to discover immediately after the medical procedure.

For example, you may be told that your loved one died from a heart attack during surgery.

With that said, was there a red flag present which caused the heart attack and should have been picked up by the doctor before the surgery?

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