Medical websites do have their place in society.

With that said, at no time should a person use one of these sites as their sole method of diagnosis of a medical condition.

These websites can provide helpful educational information to the public regarding diseases, medical conditions, etc.

However, these sites are not meant to be a substitute for a doctor!

A doctor will be able to listen to your complaints, ask pertinent questions of you, perform physical examinations if needed, and run tests to confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

A website just cannot give you this type of care and attention.

Many people have read up on a condition on a website and have tried to self-diagnose themselves.

Again, this is a dangerous thing to do because more than likely the person doing the self-diagnosis is not a qualified medical professional.

So the next time you have a pain here or there or just don’t feel well, remember medical websites are there to give you general information, not a qualified diagnosis.

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