You go to the doctor because you feel a lump in your breast during a self-breast exam.

Your doctor listens to your concerns and performs a physical examination.

During the examination the doctor also feels the lump.

Based on your examination, and family history, your doctor orders scans to be done.

Once the results of the scans are reported to the doctor, your doctor makes a determination that the lumps are cancerous and begins to discuss a mastectomy as a treatment option.

MRI’s, CT scans, and other tests can be very helpful in screening and treating cancer.

However, the majority of medical literature explains that to be able to diagnose cancer, a biopsy has to be performed.

Once a biopsy is done then the pathology of the cell can be determined.

When doctors do not wait on the results of a biopsy, or simply do not have one performed, the doctor is taking a serious gamble with the patient’s medical condition.

What if the doctor’s conclusion regarding the cancer is wrong and a surgery is performed?

Or what if the doctor says that based on the scans the abnormality is not cancerous and gives the patient a clean bill of health?

Later it is determined that the patient, if notified of the cancer that was clearly present had a biopsy was performed, would have had very good success for treatment options had treatment been started earlier.

If you think that you would have had a very good chance of successful treatment with your cancer had your doctor performed a biopsy, or if you think that you had an unnecessary surgery as a result of your doctor not performing a biopsy, and these issues happened in Maryland, this is what we invite you to do.

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