What are the attorneys doing when they walk up to see the judge during a trial?

If you have watched a trial live in person or on television, you have probably seen attorneys do this during the proceedings.

In a jury trial, the jury will act as the fact finder in the case.

This means that the jury will be the one that will decide matters of fact in the case.

For example, if two witnesses have conflicting testimony, it will be the role of the jury to determine which witness they believe, or they can choose to not believe either one.

On the other hand, matters of law are to be ruled on by the judge.

With that said, if there are matters of law which have to be decided, sometimes the lawyers and the judge will talk about these issues outside the presence of the jury, as to prevent confusion with the jury.

For instance, if there is a legal argument that needs to be made about whether a certain statement is hearsay, the attorneys may argue about their positions on the issue at the bench so that the judge can decide as to whether the statement should be admitted to the jury.

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