You can’t find an attorney to represent you in your Maryland medical malpractice case and you are not sure why not.

You think that you have a “slam dunk” case but lawyers are just not willing to sign up with you.

Based on your discussions with Maryland lawyers you do not think that the issue is proving the case, but something else.

For some attorneys the attitude of the client goes a long ways into whether that attorney will represent a client.

A client with a bad attitude can sometimes sink their case, regardless of how good the facts are in said case.

You must remember that in medical malpractice jury trials, and other types of jury trials for that matter, the jury is looking at the “character” and attitude of the witness.

If you come across as person with a terrible attitude, this may turn off some jurors all together.

The doctor may have notes in his or her records stating your hostile and bad attitude, which will be corroborated at trial through your attitude.

These notes may paint a picture of someone who “knew more than the doctor” or had their own ideas about what was the best course of treatment.

Because medical malpractice cases are enough of a challenge when dealing with doctors and other experts, many attorneys are just not willing to risk the money and time they will have to put up in a medical malpractice case if the client is going to submarine the case before leaving the docks.

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