We recently had a potential client contact us regarding whether it was Maryland medical malpractice if a sponge was discovered inside the patient before the surgery was over.

This person had gotten their post op notes and the doctor noted that all of the sponges used in the procedure had been accounted for before the patient was closed up.

One sponge was found in the patient and removed before finishing the procedure.

To be able to understand this issue, one must first have a basic understanding of some of the basic elements in tort law.

To be successful in a Maryland medical malpractice case, you must suffer some type of harm, or damages.

Without this being present in your case, you will not be too successful.

In the above facts the doctors counted and retrieved the last sponge in the patent before completing the surgery.

As a result of this, the sponge was not left inside of the patient to turn infectious, septic, or even worse.

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