Early detection of breast cancer can be vital to a woman’s chances of overcoming the diagnosis.

This is why a misdiagnosis at an early stage can be very detrimental to a woman’s chances of overcoming the cancer.

A radiologist’s role in these types of cases is important. As a result, when a radiologist “gets it wrong” it can throw off the entire treatment plan.

In some cases what happens is a woman will go to see her gynecologist because of a lump that is found during a self-breast exam.

The gynecologist does everything right and sends the patient out for a mammogram to get better clarification of the situation.

It is here where problems can arise.

The radiologist reading the mammogram concludes that there is nothing abnormal about the readings.

This information is then relayed to the gynecologist.

Because of the misreading, no further treatment is done.

However, if the correct reading would have been made, it would have been shown that further testing was needed and if that testing would have been done, the breast cancer would have been found, giving the woman plenty treatment options.

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