A stroke misdiagnosis can be devastating to a patient.

This is why it is very important that doctors take the time to listen to a patient’s complaints and due all that they can to rule out a possible stroke before moving on to another diagnosis.

An attorney handling a possible stroke misdiagnosis case is looking at a whole host of things in his or her analysis of the situation.

With that said, attorneys are paying very close attention to what happened during the patient’s initial contact with the doctor.

For example, what were the patient’s complaints?
Did the patient complain of a massive headache, the type that the patient has never suffered from before?

How was the patient’s speech? Was the patient having trouble talking or experiencing slurred speech?

Was there facial drooping or paralysis of a limb?

Did the patient report a family history of strokes?

All of these things are very important because they can be important signs that the patient is suffering from a stroke or about to have a stroke.

Doctors must be sure that when they suspect a stroke that the patient is scheduled for a CT scan to help not only confirm whether a stroke is present, but the type of stroke.

If you believe that your stroke was misdiagnosed because your doctor did not pay attention to all the warning signs, and this happened in Maryland, this is what we invite you to do.

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