Cerebral palsy can be a challenging diagnosis for a child.

In many cases parents do not understand how this type of traumatic brain injury can occur at delivery.

During a baby’s delivery it is very important that doctors not only pay close attention to the mother, but also to the child.

One device in the delivery room which can paint a good picture as to how the child is doing during delivery is the fetal heart monitor.

The fetal heart monitor will alert doctors to any distress that the baby made be under during delivery.

If the fetal heart monitor is revealing that the baby is not handling the vaginal delivery well, an emergency C-section needs to be performed right away.

When doctors delay the C-section, the baby can suffer from a lack of oxygen, causing serious and sometimes permanent brain injury.

Parents will generally know that something is wrong immediately after birth because the child is not breathing and has to be resuscitated, among other issues.

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