A patient presents to the emergency room with chest pains.

The patient explains his complaints to the nurse at the first triage station.

It is noted by the nurse that the patient also has a family history of heart attacks, in that the patient’s father died in his late 30s due to a heart attack.

As the patient is moved through the ER, the patient’s chart is incomplete in that important information is misplaced.

A doctor finally gets around to seeing the patient, however, because of incorrect information in the patient’s chart, and a very quick exam by the doctor, it is concluded that the patient is suffering from indigestion.

The patient is then sent home and it is learned that a couple of hours later the patient has suffered a massive heart attack.

Because of the serious nature of the emergency room, errors must be kept to a minimum. Missing paperwork, or patients being given the wrong tests or exams because of communication foul ups can be deadly.

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