The second opinion doctor all but admits that your first doctor clearly missed your lung cancer.

Is this a slam dunk type of case if you decide to pursue a medical malpractice case in Maryland against your first doctor or hospital?

The short answer is no, it may not be a slam dunk type of case because the type of cancer you have developed will play a very important role in the analysis.

What is one of the big issues in these types of cases?

Maryland law requires that you must prove, regardless of the actions of the doctor, that you would you would have had a 51% chance or higher of beating the cancer.

Based on this, it is easy to see that the type of cancer presented makes a big difference.

Because small cell lung cancer is a type of cancer that spreads really quickly, even if the doctor does everything right, most patients will not live more than 5 years top when diagnosed with this type of cancer.

As a result of this, we declined to take the lung cancer misdiagnosis case because our client would not have had a good chance of beating the small cell lung cancer she was diagnosed with by her second opinion doctor.

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Marcus Boston is a Maryland medical malpractice attorney who helps people navigate the Maryland childbirth injury and medical malpractice process to get money for their injuries caused by the carelessness of doctors and hospitals.