In Maryland to be successful in any medical malpractice case in Maryland you must be able to prove that your doctor failed to give you good and expectable medical care based on your situation. This is based on what would other doctors would do in the same situation.

To prove this you will have to have an expert review the medical records and give you an opinion as to what your doctor did during the procedure and whether the doctor’s actions violated the standard of care.

Many parents forget that to really be able to get a good assessment of the situation one needs to have the records of not only mom, but also of baby. When viewed in conjunction with each other, a better understanding of what happened or did not happen can be ascertained.

If you don’t want to speak with an attorney right away, but you do want to make sure that you are educating yourself regarding these issues, be sure to request the records for mom and child. Your records can also be helpful if you need to speak to another doctor. Also, please remember that there will be a cost associated with the records request.

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