One of the main jobs of the anesthesiologist during surgery is to insure that the patient “stays under” during the procedure. The reason this is the case is because surgery can be very painful. The doctor has to make incisions, which are cuts through the skin and other tissue.

Before surgery, the anesthesiologist must take time to review the patient’s history. This means that the doctor is looking to make sure that there are not possible complications present with medications, or allergic reactions.

During the surgery itself, the anesthesiologist must monitor the patient to ensure that the proper drugs are administered. If any of these things are not done, there can be disaster for the patient.
When not enough medication is given, or the patient is not monitored, the patient can wake up during surgery. This can lean to patient to experience sever pain. Add to this, the patient can enter shock upon the sight of viewing his or her organs, leading to shock or a possible heart attack.

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