Before you had your gallbladder removed chances are your doctor spoke to you at length regarding the issues which could arise out of a gallbladder removal. One of these risks discussed probably dealt with cutting or injuring the common bile duct.

The thing is though however, that thousands of these procedures are done all across America each year. In many of these procedures the common bile duct is not cut. That’s right, doctors know not to cut the common bile duct during the procedure.
When the common bile duct is cut and the doctors either do not realize the error, or half-heartedly repair the error, and the patient suffers serious injuries from this, a strong argument can be made that the doctor has deviated from what many doctors around the county have not done.

A word of caution with this issue. If your bile duct has been cut, and your doctor successfully repaired it, leaving you with no injury, you will probably not be successful in a Maryland medical malpractice suit.

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