A young lady presents herself to the dentist due to pain in her jaw. The dentist performs an evaluation and determines that there is nothing present that requires a dental procedure. After some time the young lady begins to feel the pain move up to her eye.

As a result of this, she visits an eye doctor to see if there is something that an eye doctor can do to help her. The eye doctor performs an evaluation and determines that there are no issues in which the eye doctor noted which were out of the ordinary.

We fast forward to a couple of months later and a mass is discovered on the young lady’s brain. Emergency surgery is immediately scheduled and the mass was removed. The surgeon had the mass examined at it was determined that the mass was benign.

After a brief stay in the hospital after the brain surgery the hospital discharged the patient. Within a few days of being home the young lady’s condition began to deteriorate and she was rushed back to the hospital. With a couple of days she succumbed to her condition.

Through all of this her family was left with so many questions. How could this have happened? Could the doctors have done more or did the doctors correctly treat her? Was this just the natural result of things?

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