Gallbladder removal is a very common surgery performed all across the United States. Many doctors are now performing these procedures through laparoscopic measures. What this means is that the doctor makes a small incision into the abdomen and uses small cameras to help complete the procedure. Cutting the bile duct during the procedure can happen, but the issue turns on what is done after this is done.

If the doctor recognizes the cut, repairs it, and successfully completes the procedure (and the patient does not have any further issues), then more than likely if this patient wanted to bring a Maryland medical malpractice case against their doctor they would not be successful.

On the other hand, if the doctor cuts the bile duct, does not notice the cut, does nothing to repair what was done, and sends the patient home, there could be problems for the doctor. This is because more than likely the patient will develop a serious infection, which if untreated can lead to sepsis and death.

As you can see, the issue turns on the actions of the doctor as it pertains to the what is done after the bile duct is cut. Is it noticed and repaired, or is it ignored left to cause serious infection and injury?

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