So you are not sure if you want to file a law suit against your doctor right away but you do want to get a better understanding of what happened during your surgery. Are you wondering what is one of the most important reports that you can review in this type of situation? The answer is your operative report.

The operative report is important for many reasons. First, it should point out pretty much everything that the surgeon has done when they take a patient to the operating room. If there are any errors that the surgeon made during the procedure, these errors should be stated in the operative report.

One of the reasons problems during the procedure are noted in the operative report is because the possibility of future treatment. If another doctor needs to do a follow up procedure he or she can see exactly what happened during the previous medical procedure.

Another reason the operative report is important is because it will note your pre-operative diagnosis and your post-operative diagnosis if there is one. This is because sometimes surgeons find different things as the surgery progresses.

Finally, your operative report will list everything that the surgeon did during the procedure. For example, what type of anesthesia was used, the name of the surgeon performing the procedure, etc…

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