A man in his mid to late 40s visited his doctor with concerns of prostate cancer. This was due to the fact that his father and other family members had died due to prostate cancer. The doctor agreed that it was time to begin screening the patient for prostate cancer. As a result, a PSA was done and it revealed a 1.5.

One year later, the patient goes back to the doctor for a physical and another PSA was done. This time the number had doubled and the doctor reassured the patient that things were ok. Over the next two years the patient returned to his doctor but PSAs were not done. The patient complained to the doctor about this but the doctor repeatedly told him that the tests were done and that he had reviewed the results. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

Fast forward in time and the patient was able to contact the doctor and finally get the doctor to perform a PSA. Once it was done, it revealed a score of over 12. The patient had developed prostate cancer and eventually died as a result of the cancer.
A review of the records showed that the doctor was not performing the tests and that the patient was indeed voicing concerns and complaints. In addition, if the patient’s condition would have been monitored better, the patient would have had a good chance of survival with treatment.

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