You told your doctor all of your symptoms and you even explained that cancer “runs in your family.” Even with all of this, your cancer was misdiagnosed and now you want answers. Now you want to know how doctors go about diagnosing medical conditions based on a patient’s complaints.

To better understand how doctors do this, you need to be familiar with a concept called differential diagnosis. How differential diagnosis works by your doctor gathering as much information regarding your complaints and your history as possible. Your doctor will then take the time to list out all of the possible medical conditions which can be associated with your complaints, with the most serious medical condition listed first.

After a list of complied medical diagnosis is done, the doctor will then order tests, or take other steps to eliminate possible medical conditions. Once this is done, the doctor will then have a good idea as to the proper diagnosis for the patient.

So why have we taken the time to explain this to you today? Because you may have explained all of your symptoms and medical history to your doctor, and for whatever reason your doctor did not properly diagnose your cancer. Add to this, if your cancer would have been caught in time, whether it be a breast cancer misdiagnosis, or some other type of cancer, you would have had a 51% chance or higher to beat the cancer.
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