Small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer are serious medical conditions. Often times, if there is a possibility that a treating doctor missed the signs which should have alerted them to the cancer, then medical malpractice attorneys are often consulted.

However, there has to be a thorough analysis in these types of cases. If you have read our educational articles or watched our other videos you know that a medical expert is needed to testify that the treating doctor fell below the standard of care. Not only must the medical expert conclude this, there must be testimony that this departure from the standard of care is what caused the injuries to the patient.

One last thing, in these types of cases, the type of cancer is very important because the person bringing the suit must be able to show that even if the diagnosis case caught in time, there would have been a 51% chance or higher or surviving the cancer. This hurdle has been known to prevent some of these cases from being successful.

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