When a doctor gives a patient challenging news regarding the results of a surgery, to a diagnosis of a medical condition, in many instances the patient wonders whether they should get a second opinion just to get added confirmation as to what they are currently being told. With that said, some patients feel that they are no longer being “loyal” to their doctor if they request another opinion as to their current medical condition.

If you are having doubts as to your current diagnosis know that it is fine to request a second opinion. In getting a second opinion you begin to gain clarity and understanding as to the reality of your situation. If the conclusions by the second doctor are different than the conclusions of your first doctor then you have more education as to your condition and you can then try to receive treatment based on this new found knowledge.

Remember that in all of these types of medical situations you must understand that it is your body and your life we are talking about. Thus, you must take all the steps necessary to ensure that you have done all that you can do get better treatment.

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