Many patients who develop sepsis after a surgery wonder whether the actions of their doctor are the cause of their injury. Because sepsis can be fatal if left untreated, and due to the damage it can cause to other parts of the body, many patients want to know if they have recourse for their doctor’s actions or inactions, if medical malpractice occurred.

Because surgery can involve risks in and of itself, it is always good to understand when a doctor’s actions or inactions have fell below the standard of care. In cases of sepsis, one way in which it can be argued that a doctor fell below the standard of care is when during surgery the doctor cuts or injures and organ and does not repair it.

In many instances what can happen if this organ is not repaired is that it can leak fluid into the body and this fluid leak can lead to an infection. Once this occurs then sepsis can set in and cause the patient all sorts of serious issues.

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