Hello, I ‘m Maryland medical malpractice attorney Marcus Boston and I would like to talk with you today about how a person discovered that they had suffered digital median nerve damage after carpal tunnel surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Want to hear more? Stay tuned.

In this situation, the patient was turning to carpal tunnel surgery to help find relief due to the loss of feeling in the fingers and hand. In addition, this person was having a hard time performing basic daily tasks and was running into problems at work. After the surgery, the patient was in serious pain and relayed this information to the doctor. The doctor explained that because the patient had recently had surgery, there would be some minor pain post op. But here is the issue, the patient was stressing to the doctor that the pain was not minor and that on a scale of 1-10 the pain was at least an 8.

Because the patient felt that the first doctor was not listening to the complaints, the patient set up a second opinion of the situation with a neurologist. After examining the patient, and reviewing the patient’s medical records, the neurologist concluded that the patient had damage to the digital median nerve.

The neurologist also noted that the patient’s notes did not reflect any type of nerve damage prior to the original surgery. So why have I taken the time to explain this to you today? Because you may be wondering whether you have a Maryland medical malpractice claim. Because you may be wondering if the nerve damage you have suffered following your surgery is the result of medical negligence or just a risk of the surgery itself.

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