Maryland medical malpractice attorney Renee Boston discussed when a heart attack occurs after a patient has just left the hospital.

People who died as the result of a misdiagnosed heart attack after leaving the hospital happens all across the country. It is a situation in which a patient presents with symptoms of a heart attack, but for whatever reason, the heart attack symptoms are overlooked and the patient is discharged with indigestion or some other diagnosis.

Later in the day or night, usually a couple of hours later, the patient dies of a heart attack. In these types of cases it is critical to look at the information the patient discloses to the treating doctor. It is through this information one can begin to recreate the events which lead up to the patient’s death, ultimately determining if there is a good case for medical malpractice.

The reason the patient’s symptoms are important is because this allows the doctor to determine the best course of action for the patient’s treatment. For example, if the patient never discloses symptoms which would lead the doctor to conclude the patient is at risk of having a heart attack, how can the doctor provide care to the patient to prevent the heart attack?

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