So you want to know how a Maryland medical malpractice attorney goes about evaluating a possible medical malpractice claim when a person contact’s their office? Now, you must remember that other attorneys may do a different initial analysis, but there are some things which will be the same across the board. Also, I am going to try to make this as simple as possible for you to understand.

First, I am trying to determine in your set of facts was there some type of harm that was done to you. What I mean by harm is that some type of injury has taken place. Once I have determined that there is some type of harm, I am next trying to determine the extent of the harm done to you. For example, will, or due you have some type of permanent injury as a result of this harm.

The next thing I am looking at are the actions of the doctor other medical professional. The reason I am looking at this is because the doctor’s actions must have been the cause of your harm. In other words, we should be able to trace the cause of your injuries back to the doctor and his or her actions or inactions.

Lastly, I am thinking about whether the doctor broke the safety rules for your procedure, or fell below the standard of care in his or her actions or inactions. Now you have to remember that this is the simplified version of the analysis, but it does give you a pretty good idea as to what is running through my head when you are talking to me about your case.

So why am I sharing this with you today? Because you may be wondering do you have a possible Maryland medical malpractice case. Because you may think that your doctor is not listening to your concerns and now your situation has spiraled out of control. Here’s what you can do. Pick up the phone and give me a call. I can be reached at 301-850-4832. Or, you can send me an email at medical injury “at” (Remember to replace the “at” with @. We write the email like this to combat email spammers). We answer questions like yours all the time and we would be glad to hear your story.

Marcus Boston is a Maryland medical malpractice attorney who helps people navigate the Maryland childbirth injury and medical malpractice process to get money for their injuries caused by the carelessness of doctors and hospitals.