Medical malpractice attorney Marcus Boston sheds some light on what the attorneys are usually talking to the judge about when they walk up to the bench.

Just yesterday I was in court and a person asked me, ” what goes on at the bench when the lawyers are talking to the judge and will the judge tell the jury what was talked about at the bench? To get a better understanding of this you have to understand the role of a jury in a trial. The main goal of the jury is to figure out the facts of the case. A jury is looking at things such as who is credible, which side do they believe as to the facts of the case, etc…

The role of a judge is to sort through the legal arguments and rule on them. In many instances, when a bench conference happens, and by this I mean when both sides go up to the judge and talk, legal arguments are usually taking place. Because the jury is to stick to the facts of the case and not decide the law, the judge will not look to the jury as deciders of issues of law. So the simple answer to the question is in general no, a judge is not going to talk to the jury about answering questions of law after a bench conference.

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