Maryland medical malpractice attorney Marcus Boston explains how one would know whether their cut bile duct is a Maryland medical malpractice case. During most gallbladder surgeries nowadays, doctors use the laparoscopic method to perform these procedures.

What this means is that the doctors make small incisions in the patient’s abdomen in which they insert small cameras to help with the procedure. If the patient has scarring or other complications, then the doctor will usually open the patient up to do the procedure.

Even though the laparoscopic way is usually less invasive, it can be a challenge to doctors because in some instances they may not be able to see as well. What can happen during the procedure is that the doctor for what ever reason cuts, burns, or perforates the bile duct.

What is done afterwards will generally determine whether a Maryland medical malpractice attorney will probably take your case. If the doctor notices the error and takes the time to fix the cut and prevent any leakage into the body, generally into the abdominal area, and the patient has no future issues, then you will probably not have a good case for a Maryland medical malpractice attorney.

On the other hand, if the doctor injures the bile duct and does not notice the error, and sends the patient home, then chances are this patient will have a case. The reason being is because if the bile duct is not fixed and fluid begins to leak into the body, then the patient is going to have serious complications. In really bad situations the patient may experience renal failure and go septic.

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