Maryland medical malpractice attorney Renee Boston talks about a young woman who recently contacted her office about problems she had during her tubal ligation.

We were recently contacted by a young woman. She is around 30 years old. She and her husband just had their second child and decided that 2 was enough.

She scheduled an outpatient tubal ligation in her doctor’s office. The doctor stated that the surgery would be performed laparoscopically in the office. So what happened?

This young lady wakes up after the procedure, not in the doctor’s office but at the local emergency room. Additionally, she had an 8 inch incision across her abdomen. During the tubal ligation her gynecologist punctured her colon, tried to repair it laparoscopically and could not. The patient was sliced open and a repair attempt was made in the doctor’s office, but that didn’t work. So the doctor transported her to the emergency room where the tubal ligation was completed and the puncture wound to her colon was addressed.

The procedures were explained when this young lady awoke and she was assured that everything was fine.

Days later and for weeks she began experiencing severe abdominal pains and nausea. She made multiple trips to her doctor who continued to reassure the young lady that she was fine and just sore from the surgery and that she would get better. Eventually she found a new doctor who examined her, scheduled an exploratory surgery and later learned that the colon was not repaired and that this young lady was experiencing signs of infection leading to possible sepsis.

Why did we share this story with you? To show you that things may not be as they seem. A doctor telling a patient “you are fine” may not be accurate when that doctor’s actions fall below the standard of care.

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