Maryland medical malpractice attorney Marcus Boston talks about some important issues which could come into play when a patient has suffered nerve damage as the result of a medical procedure.

In this podcast, Mr. Boston reviews a Maryland case in which a patient underwent a medical procedure to deal with the lack of a pulse in his arm. The patient went forward with the procedure due to the urgency of treatment explained to him by his doctor.

However, as was discovered, and the two big issues discussed in the podcast, the doctor did not inform the patient of 2 safer treatment options. In addition, the doctor did not explain to the patient that the doctor had very little experience performing the procedure.

The doctor performed the procedure and caused severe nerve damage in the patient’s arm. As a result, the patient had to undergo follow up surgeries to attempt to correct the damage done.

As is stated in the podcast, these types of situations not only concern the negligent act of the doctor (failing to follow the safety rules in performing the surgery/breach of the standard of care), but also the fact that the patient was not fully informed before making a decision about the procedure.

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